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Qui Tam, Attorneys General, and a Company
Defends Itself - 09.29.2010

Indiana says no thanks to JM Eagle lawsuit
Plastics Today - 09.03.2010

Indiana opts out of JM Eagle whistle-blower lawsuit
Plastics News - 09.03.2010

JM Eagle files motion to dismiss whistleblower lawsuit, claiming lack of evidence
Plastics Today - 05.12.2010

JM Eagle case takes an odd turn
Plastics News - 04.29.2010

JM Eagle saga takes another curious turn
Plastics Today - 04.13.2010

Plant manager denies that JM Eagle compromised on
pipe quality

Plastics News - 04.13.2010

JM Eagle introduces retroactive 50-year warranty
Plastics Today - 04.05.2010

JM Eagle makes its case clear
Plastics Today - 02.26.2010

AG Brown, feds sitting out whisteblower suit against pipemaker
Legal Newsline - 02.25.2010

JM Eagle alleges kickback scheme in PVC pipe
whistle-blower suit

Plastics News - 02.19.2010

Whistleblower lawsuit targets JM Eagle
Plastics Today - 02.18.2010


NAACP Joins Other Civil Rights Groups in Denouncing Racially Charged Language in JM Eagle Lawsuit
News Bulletin 06.24.2010 (PDF)

Massachusetts Decides Against Signing on to JM Eagle Lawsuit
News Bulletin 06.14.2010 (PDF)

JM Eagle Moves to Dismiss Baseless Lawsuit
News Bulletin 05.10.2010 (PDF)

Key Witness in Lawsuit Denies Statements against JM Eagle
News Bulletin 04.08.2010 (PDF)

Declaration of Brian Wang

California declines to intervene in JM Eagle qui tam suit
News Bulletin 03.23.2010 (PDF)

The Truth Speaks Volumes Customers Comment on
Quality for JM Eagle Ads

News Bulletin 02.25.2010 (PDF)

New Test Results Confirm JM Eagle’s PVC Pipe Meets Industry Standards
News Bulletin 02.24.2010 (PDF)

JM Eagle Holds Telephonic Press Conference
Responding to Reckless and False Qui Tam Suit

News Bulletin 02.19.2010 (PDF)

Florida Attorney General: No Merit To Faulty Lawsuit
News Bulletin 02.17.2010 (PDF)

JM Eagle Announces Federal Government Decision Not to Join Qui Tam Lawsuit
News Bulletin 02.16.2010 (PDF)