Archived Customer Connections

JM Eagle Reintroduces Wastewater Access Chamber WAC 15
Dream to Deliver Clean Water to Rural African Villages Nears Realization
Polypropylene Can’t Compete, says PVC Group
Strengths of Ultra Blue Restraints Confirmed
Eagle Loc Expands Into New Sizes and Applications
Pipe Calculator on JM Eagle Website
Mayor Extols Virtues of PVC
JM Eagle Introduces its 2011 Ad Campaign
Shipping notices improve customer service
Eagle Corr PE receives NTPEP approval for Meadville plant
HDD the subject of must-see presentation
Video touts plastic pipe over iron pipe
Eagle Corr PE installations on the rise
Enhanced will-call procedure gets pipe on the road quickly
JM Eagle renews MBE Certification
Eagle Loc 900 now available in West
Electrical conduit available in all regions nationwide
Ultra Blue PVCO now available in West
JM Eagle HDPE water pipe now FM-approved
Eagle Corr PE receives NTPEP approval
New HDPE Communications Duct brochure
Durability and flexibility make HDPE pipe the choice for many cities
Steel Gas Mains Draw Regulators’ Scrutiny
JM Eagle joins Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association
JM Eagle Distributor Locator—New and Improved
JM Eagle demonstrates product quality at plant tours
Ads for JM Eagle Electrical products hit trade pubs
Eagle Corr PE DOT-approved in six more states
Study confirms PE’s performance when used with disinfectants
JM Eagle shuts Tulsa plant for improvements
Joint tensile strength of Eagle Loc 900 confirmed
JM Eagle HDPE project subject of magazine article
Green sustainability taking root at JM Eagle
Trade magazine focuses on JM Eagle quality
JM Eagle to carry new electrical spacers
Eagle Loc 900 now covered by 50-year warranty
JM Eagle’s warranty encourages cities to switch from ductile iron to plastic
Eagle Loc 900 making DR14 restrained joint pipe
Ad prompts small-town activism for better pipe
Eagle Corr PE™ approved for transportation projects
Story in WaterWorld Spreads JM Eagle Word
JM Eagle donates pipe to save lives in Africa
JM Eagle products in compliance with California codes
Cast Iron the Cause of Breaks In LA
JM Eagle introduces block pricing across all
product lines
JM Eagle leading industry in green initiatives
District goes for proof that plastic pipe beats iron
Long Life of PE in municipal water systems confirmed
JM Eagle shuts two plants for modernization
New Specs for JM Eagle’s Ultra Blue C909
JM Eagle Making “Milk Run” Deliveries to Orlando area
JM Eagle Making “Milk Run” Deliveries to Atlanta area
Eagle Loc 900 used in HDD project
JM Eagle Conduit Products Still Meeting All Standards
JM Eagle Lights up Market with Electrical Fittings in
Eastern U.S.
Eagle Corr PE (Dual Wall) rounds out the JM Eagle line
Eagle Loc 900 Holds Super Strong in Suspension Test
Technical information now available at JM Eagle
Web Site
JM Eagle Targets Engineers for Eagle Loc 900 Sales
JM Eagle Improves Customer service Coast-to-Coast with Express shipping
JM Eagle brings water to dry villages in Senegal
Reach new hights with the Soaring Eagle Incentive Program
JM Eagle shipping express deliveries via own fleet
Improved Production and Distribution of Pure-Core