J-M Manufacturing Announces Ring-Tite SDR 35 PVC Gravity Sewer

JMM’s Enhancement Technology Ensures The Highest Product Quality While Minimizing Trench Work And Allowing For Easy Installation

Livingston, NJ – April 28, 2005 - J-M Manufacturing Company, Inc., the largest producer of plastic pipe in the world, has made enhancements to their fittings product line with the introduction of Ring-Tite™ SDR 35 PVC Gravity Sewer Fittings featuring new “locked-in” gaskets.

The factory installed “locked-in” gaskets provide a tight, flexible seal that resists rolling during installation. This new technology ensures the highest joint quality while minimizing trench work. JMM’s fittings are injection molded and available in 4” – 8” sizes.

One of the biggest advantages of the new gasket is the LIP Seal, which requires very low assembly force to make the joint. In fact, the force needed to assemble a joint with the new gasket can be up to 50% lower than that required with the old fitting gasket, which was a compression type of seal. This, in turn, allows for fast and easy pipe installation on any job site.

J-M Manufacturing Company, Inc. was formed in 1982 with the acquisition of eight pipe manufacturing facilities. Today, the company operates out of 14 manufacturing plants across the United States, with headquarters in Livingston, New Jersey. JMM produces water, sewer, solvent weld, electrical conduit, ABS and polyethylene pipe in diameters ranging from 1⁄2’’ to 48” for PVC and 1⁄2’’ to 63” in HDPE. JMM is dedicated to developing the plastic pipe market by offering superior products, unparalleled quality, and ensuring that its business makes a positive contribution to the environment, the communities it serves, its customers, and employees.


For more information, please contact:
Marcus Galindo
310.693.8200 ext. 7415

Collection of Ring-Tite SDR 35 PVC gravity sewer fittings
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