JM Eagle™ Introduces New Regional Sales Strategy

Corporate Headquarters To Move To West Coast

Livingston, NJ - September 17, 2007 – JM Eagle™, the world’s largest plastic pipe manufacturer formed through the recent merger of J-M Manufacturing Company, Inc. and PW Eagle, Inc., today announced a new regional sales strategy designed to serve customers more efficiently. The approach will create the most comprehensive and efficient field sales support team in the industry by combining a centralized call center with a dispersed regional sales force working directly in the field.

“We are optimizing the business policies and practices of the two industry leaders, and combining the ‘best of the best’ to deliver an unprecedented level of customer service to larger and smaller customers alike,” commented Walter W. Wang, president and CEO of JM Eagle™. “The highly efficient, centralized selling approach of J-M Manufacturing, coupled with PW Eagle’s extensive field sales organization, creates the opportunity to forge this exciting new hybrid model. More importantly, it will allow us to deliver exceptional service to the broadest array of customers in a manner that is specifically tailored to specific needs.”

Move To West Coast

As part of this strategy, the company also announced plans to relocate its Corporate Headquarters to Los Angeles, California next year. JM Eagle™ will continue to maintain a significant presence in Livingston, New Jersey and Eugene, Oregon with Branch offices that support the regional direct sales and independent representatives working in each of the local markets across the country.

JM Eagle noted that while positions currently located in New Jersey will be moved to California, the company’s overall staffing levels will not be decreased and no jobs are being eliminated. Additionally, the relocation will be a gradual process, with June 2008 the target date for completion.


About JM Eagle™

JM Eagle™ is the world’s largest plastic pipe manufacturer with plants operating across the United States. Formed in 2007 through a merger transaction in which PW Eagle, Inc. became a wholly-owned subsidiary of J-M Manufacturing Company, Inc., JM Eagle™ manufactures the widest array of high grade, high performance polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe in the industry across a wide variety of industries and applications including the utility, solvent weld, electrical conduit, natural gas, irrigation and water/sewage markets. JM Eagle™ is dedicated to developing the plastic pipe market by offering superior products, unparalleled quality, and ensuring that its business makes a positive contribution to the environment, the communities it serves, its customers, and employees.

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