JM Eagle™ Introduces Corrugated PE Pipe and Fittings

Eagle Corr PE (Dual Wall) and Fittings to Play Key Role in Helping Rebuild U.S. Infrastructure


Los Angeles- April 14, 2009 – JM Eagle™, the world’s largest manufacturer of plastic pipe, today announced the introduction of Eagle Corr PE (Dual Wall) and corresponding fittings.

Combining a corrugated exterior and a smooth interior for maximum hydraulic efficiency in a high-density polyethylene pipe, Eagle Corr PE (Dual Wall) can be used in a variety of gravity flow applications and is especially ideal for storm sewer systems.

“The introduction of Eagle Corr PE (Dual Wall) marks the first step in a major expansion of JM Eagle’s line of PE pipe products,” said Walter Wang, president and CEO of JM Eagle™. “We’re extremely proud of the work that went into developing this pipe, and believe it will play an important role as the United States begins to implement the Obama administration’s agenda to rebuild the country's crumbling water infrastructure.”

Eagle Corr PE (Dual Wall) has a high strength-to-weight ratio, is very flexible and weighs less than traditional products, making it easier to install without sacrificing durability or structural strength.  Designed for use in engineered construction, its applications extend from commercial and residential to recreational, irrigation/agricultural and capital improvement projects.

Eagle Corr PE (Dual Wall) can support a load rating of H-25 – with a minimum cover of only 1 foot – but with a conduit design that’s also flexible enough to allow for cover heights in excess of 100 feet. Additionally, it has a water-tight bell-and-spigot joint and, like all of JM Eagle’s polyethylene pipe products, it provides unmatched resistance to corrosion, abrasion and UV degradation.

“This high-quality product is the result of diligent research and an ongoing commitment to innovation,” said Kaushal Rao, director of operations at JM Eagle™. “What’s more, because the pipe is so easy to transport and install, shipping and labor costs decrease resulting in improved cost-efficiencies for the overall project.”

Eagle Corrugated PE is currently manufactured in sizes ranging from 4-inch to 60-inch diameter, and is produced in 20-foot lengths. It also conforms to key industry standards, including ASTM F2306, AASHTO M252, and M294 for pipe and fittings; ASTM F477 for rubber gaskets; ASTM D2312 for water-tight joints; and ASTM D2321 and AASHTO Section 30 for installation.


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With 23 manufacturing plants throughout North America and a workforce of more than 2,300 employees, JM Eagle™ manufactures the widest array of high-grade, high-performance polyvinyl chloride and high-density polyethylene pipe in the industry across a wide variety of industries and applications including utility, solvent weld, electrical conduit, natural gas, irrigation and water/sewage. JM Eagle™ also has a history of supporting efforts to bring clean water to communities in developing countries around the world, and most recently partnered with the Earth Institute at Columbia University to develop water infrastructure systems in some of the poorest regions of Africa. To find out more, visit

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