JM Eagle™ Introduces New Eagle Loc 900™ Internal Joint Restraint for Pipe Fittings

Latest Innovation from Industry Leader Reduces Labor Costs and Simplifies Installation


Los Angeles- February 1, 2009 – JM Eagle™, the world’s largest manufacturer of plastic pipe, today announced the introduction of Eagle Loc 900™, a new internal joint restraint system. Featuring BullDog™ technology from S&B Technical Products, Eagle Loc 900™reduces or eliminates the need for external joint restraints on PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipe fittings.

“We’re very excited about the Eagle Loc 900™ internal joint restraint technology,” said Walter Wang, CEO of JM Eagle™. “As we move toward replacing and repairing our crumbling infrastructure, these types of innovative products will play a key role in helping to improve upon existing methods and techniques.”

Eagle Loc 900’s innovative technology simplifies installation and decreases costs by eliminating the need for tools, rods, clamps, bolts, and labor associated with externally restrained joints. It provides dependable, long-term flow capacity in open-trench construction of pressure pipelines, has the ability to accommodate greater thrust force than other systems, and can be used for both potable water distribution and sewer mains.

The internal joint restraint technology is fitted into the bell portion of JM Eagle™ PVC pipe when it’s manufactured. Although assembled in the field just like standard PVC, each set of connected pipe locks immediately as the joints are fit together. The PVC pipe also encases the BullDog™ joint restraint inside the pipe so there’s no contact with soils or exposure to fluid flowing through the pipe, making it corrosion resistant.

”Eagle Loc 900™ represents our ongoing commitment to developing innovative products that meet the needs of customers and the industry,” said Kaushal Rao, director of operations at JM Eagle™. “Additionally, we believe it will benefit a wide variety of professionals involved in projects that require or use PVC pipe.”

Rao added that engineers and specifiers can be confident that no changes will be made to their plans via on-site joint adjustments because the product cannot be modified. It also allows contractors to significantly reduce installation costs, as well as the overall time required to complete the project. Additionally, Eagle Loc 900™ can provide municipalities with a dependable, long-term option that’s a low-cost, high-return solution for large-scale water works projects.

Eagle Loc 900™ is available in diameters ranging from 4-inch to 12-inch PVC pipe, it has passed the UNI-B-13 Million Cycle Test, and conforms to industry standards including AWWA C900 and ASTM D1784.


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