JMM Supports Infrastructure Development in Thailand

Ongoing projects initiated in recent months have been undertaken to improve water delivery systems in parts of Thailand using PVC pipe. As a result of J-M Manufacturing’s generous financial contributions to cover the full cost of PVC pipe materials utilized, an irrigation project in Santisuk, Thailand has been successfully completed.

A second pipe project in Thailand began construction in March of this year. This project will provide a drinking water system for 500 people in the village of Pateung. JMM’s contributions will be used to design a two-phase integrated water delivery system and sanitation project for this tiny village. As part of this undertaking, a spring box will be constructed at the water source along with a filtering system and water tanks at the top of the village. A network of PVC pipes from the tanks will deliver clean water to every household in the village.

Carrying light-weighted PVC Pipe across river to location of piers

Carrying light-weighted PVC Pipe across river to location of piers

The primary objectives of these projects are as follows:

  • Securing an adequate source of water for the village
  • Distributing clean drinking water to village households
  • Protection of natural water sources from contamination
  • Improvement of wastewater management in rural communities in northern Thailand through the introduction of appropriate designs
PVC on piers spanning a ravine

Crossing the ravine with assembled PVC Pipe over completed piers

The entire community will benefit directly from this project. An additional 500 visitors and downstream Thai villagers should benefit indirectly as well.

JMM is proud of our continued commitment and active involvement in these two endeavors and our ability to contribute to their successful completion in the near future.


For more information, please contact:
Marcus Galindo
310.693.8200 ext. 7415

People building piers in Thailand
Building the piers to support 14” C905 PVC Pipe
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