Listed as ANSI/UL 651 and meets NEMA TC-2, ASTM F512 and NEMA TC-6 & 8.

JM Eagle Electrical Conduit and Power Duct products are suitable for power, telephone and other electrical systems. JM Eagle offers a complete line of Electrical Conduit and Power Duct pipe that includes Schedule 40 and 80 Conduit (NEMA TC-2, ANSI/UL651), Encased and Direct Burial Conduit (ASTM F512, NEMA TC-6; and/or ANSI/UL 651A), and Type C Telephone Duct. The products may be used for above-ground and underground installations, concrete encasements, and direct burials, as well as telephone applications. They are available in 1⁄2- to 6-inch diameters, in 10- and/or 20-foot lengths, with one bell end, and come in gray.  The solvent-weld joints are designed to provide a rigid (or restrained) joint connection, and the schedule-rated products are specifically engineered for use in partial support systems above ground.  A complete line of Schedule 40 and 80, utility duct and junction box fittings complements the conduit products.

JM Eagle Electrical Conduit and Power Duct products are lightweight, cost-effective and long-lasting.

  • They can be field-cut with a power saw or ordinary handsaw without the use of expensive or complicated machinery.
  • Easy to load, transport and handle, installers prefer them because they go into the ground quickly, saving installation costs.
  • They maintain performance against external galvanic soil conditions without lining wrapping, coating or cathodic protection, and offer superior dielectric strength.
  • They are rated for use with 90-degree C conductors, and come with UV protection.

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