JM Eagle Electrical Fittings are suitable for use with all JM Eagle Electrical Conduit products for power, telephone and other electrical systems applications.

Schedule 40 Fittings
•  Couplings
•  Terminal adapters
•  Female adapters

Schedule 40 and 80 Standard radius Elbows
•  Belled end
•  Plain end
•  UL listed

Special radius Sweeps
•   Schedule 40 and 80
•  DB (direct burial)
•  C Duct
•  Belled and plain end
•  1⁄2" though 6"

•  FS/Junction boxes
•  Access fittings

Duct Spacers
•   Vertical slide connection for easy assembly.
•   Locking tab to prevent floating.
•   Only two components needed, base and intermediate.
•   Designed for use with plastic duct only.

•  Swedge
•  Repair
•  5-degree
•  Swedge reducers
•  Caps and end bells

JM Eagle offers a complete line of more than 3,000 electrical fitting items, including: The products may be used for above-ground and underground installations, concrete encasements, and direct burials, as well as telephone and gas applications.

JM Eagle Electrical Fittings are cost-effective and long-lasting.

  • They maintain performance against external galvanic soil conditions without lining wrapping, coating or cathodic protection, and offer superior dielectric strength.
  • They are rated for use with 90-degree C conductors, and come with UV protection.
  • Now produced and distributed throughout the United States, customers can have the convenience of placing a complete electrical order with one call.