Meets ASTM D2513, Cell Class Per ASTM D3350,
PPI-listed Material (TR-4) and PE 3408/3608.

JM Eagle’s high-density polyethylene black pipe for gas is suitable for use in multiple applications for distribution, and oil and gas gathering.

JM Eagle’s high-density polyethylene black pipe for gas is available in 1⁄2-inch to 20-inch diameters.  It comes in sticks, as well as coil lengths in diameters up to 3 inches. 

It may be installed by heat fusion or mechanical fittings.
The product’s physical properties make it applicable to open-trench and slip-lining installations.

JM Eagle’s HDPE pipe for gas is manufactured for excellent performance and a long life expectancy. 

  • Its butt-fused joints eliminate potential leak points, common at 20 feet with ductile iron pipe, for a zero leak rate.
  • Highly resistant to corrosion and weather, recent studies conclude it will last at least 100 years.
  • Its light weight and flexibility make it easy to install, eliminate the need for fittings required with directional changes, and make it highly suitable for use in earthquake-prone areas.