Internal Joint Restraint System


JM Eagle’s Eagle Loc IPS is suitable for use in rural water, and agricultural and turf irrigation pipelines, as well as gravity sewer, force main and water reclamation projects.

JM Eagle’s Eagle Loc IPS teams its standard IPS Pressure pipe with an internal joint restraint mechanism, making it ideal for open-trench, horizontal directional drilling and road bore installations.

The internal locking systems activates with a simple push of the spigot into the bell of the adjoining pipe, gripping the joint from the inside. It eliminates the need for external joint restraint—including tools, rods, clamps bolts or splines—and connects with an unmatched hold. It eliminates concerns of corrosion typically associated with external joint restraints.

It is available in 3- to 8-inch diameters in pressure class 200 psi. It is also available in 40-foot lengths. JM Eagle manufactures this pipe in blue for irrigation applications, purple for reclaimed water systems, and green for sewer force mains.

Eagle Loc IPS’s internal joint system locks with a simple push, reducing labor costs as much as 30 times.

Because Eagle Loc IPS is nonmetallic, it does not lose strength due to either potable water
corrosion or external galvanic soil conditions.

  • It does not tuberculate and does not require costly lining, wrapping, coating or cathodic protection.
  • It can be field-cut with a power saw or handsaw, eliminating the need to invest in costly cutting equipment.
  • Its interior stays smooth over long years of service with virtually no loss in carrying capacity, allowing for savings in pumping costs, as well as savings on the size of the pipe required. 

  • Trenchless Applications: The superior strength of Eagle Loc IPS makes it the perfect choice for even the most challenging trenchless applications. Strong enough to withstand pullback in the ground, even over longer pull distances, Eagle Loc IPS:

  • Allows for placement in areas with high water tables and acidic soils.
  • Fits in tight, hard-to-reach areas where other utility lines are present.
  • Minimizes labor-intensive and expensive digging and trenching.
  • Eliminates the need to pre-fuse the entire length of pipe

HORIZONTAL DIRECTIONAL DRILLING: Requiring no special fusing equipment, it’s perfect for hard-to-reach spots, high-traffic areas and wet soils, making it the fastest and least-labor-intensive installation method.

OPEN TRENCH: Less digging to accommodate external restraints and less time in the hole due to snap-together technology result in faster and less expensive installations.

ROAD BORE: Decreasing the profile of traditional external restraints allows for a smaller steel casing and smaller footprint in the right of way, as well as easier pullout.


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