Meets ASTM F949 and F794, and AASHTO M304; Gaskets meet ASTM F477; Joints meet ASTM D3212. Easy-Liner pipe is suitable for trenchless rehabilitation of live sewers, storm sewers and culverts.

Easy-Liner is made from JM Eagle’s Ultra Corr sewer pipe, a direct-bury product, in 24-, 27-, 30- and 36 inch diameters. It can be used in for jack-and-bore casing sections under railroads, interstates or other structures, as well as in rehabilitating concrete, clay tile or brick sewer lines. It comes in laying lengths of 12 feet. It serves as a slipline in failing pipe with minimal equipment and without bypass pumping of the sewer main. Easy-Liner can be used in conjunction with Ultra Corr direct-bury pipe. It typically requires only a small backhoe for lifting and pushing in installation.

Easy-Liner pipe offers cost-effective sliplining solutions for sewer rehabilitation projects.

  • Easy-Liner’s short lengths enable a sewer line to be sliplined with smaller entry pits, decreasing property damage and traffic obstructions.
  • The lightweight design and easy joint assembly reduce manpower required for installation; live sewer flow can float the liner pipe downstream to the manhole.
  • It is unaffected by the fluids found in ordinary domestic sewage; sewer gasses and the sulfuring acid generated by the completion of the hydrogen sulfide cycle; and corrosive soils both alkaline and acidic.
  • It resists abrasion, gouging and scouring far better than most common piping materials.
  • Its interior stays smooth over long years of service while maximizing system capacity, allowing for savings in pumping costs, as well as savings on the size of the pipe required.