C909 & F1483

PVCO Distribution C.I.O.D. Pipe
Pressure Class 235 psi,
Size 6" - 12"

Pressure Class 165 psi, Size 16"
Gasketed Joints Size 6" - 12" and 16"

PVCO Pressure IPS Pipe
Pressure Rated 200 psi, Size 6" - 12"
Gasketed Joints Size 6" - 12"

Ultra Blue PVCO is a molecularly oriented pipe. Ultra Blue™ combines innovative engineering design and years of experience in PVC pipe manufacturing. The result is a higher performance, lighter weight, more cost effective pressure pipe for potable water and force main systems.

For use in distribution, municipal water systems and other services.

JM Eagle's Ultra Blue™ pipes conform to the AWWA C909 and/or ASTM F1483 specifications, with gaskets meeting ASTM F477 and joints in compliance with ASTM D3139. Long-term hydrostatic pressure tests show Ultra Blue™ has a Hydrostatic Design Basis of 7,100 psi. Conventional PVC pressure pipe has an HDB of 4,000 psi. With equivalent safety factors the wall thickness of Ultra Blue™ can be reduced to approximately half that of conventional PVC pipe and still maintain the same pressure rating and meet the high safety requirements commonly needed by municipal water systems. Pipe is available in Cast Iron O.D.s (CIOD) in 6" - 12" PC 235 psi; 16" PC 165 psi. Pipe is also available in Iron Pipe Size O.D.s (IPS) in 6" - 12" PR 200 psi.