Meets ASTM D1784 and F480, and ANSI / NSF standard 61.

­JM Eagle’s Eagle Loc Well Casing is suitable for any domestic, municipal, industrial and dewatering application where solvent-weld PVC well casing is used.

JM Eagle’s Eagle Loc Well Casing features a spline-locking system that requires no cementing or fusion welding. Its design lends itself to open-trench construction, as well as horizontal direction drilling. An insertion line at the spigot end aids in the alignment process. Available in 5-inch and 6-inch diameters in SDR 21; 41⁄2-, 5- and 6-inch diameters in SDR 17; and 4-, 41⁄2 and 6-inch diameters in Schedule 40, Eagle Loc Well Casing is manufactured from the highest quality PVC compound and comes in 20-foot hanging lengths. It meets the requirements of ANSI/NSF Standard 61 and the stiffness, flattening (crush resistance), impact and puncture test requirements of ASTM F480. JM Eagle supplies approved lubricant, splines and O-rings with every order.

  • In HDD applications, Eagle Loc Well Casing provides high pulling capacity with maximum joint connection.
  • Totally corrosion-free.
  • Its chamfered spigot end makes for easy assembly, plus it’s easy to disassemble for reuse.


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