Our Company

Mission Statement

We at JM Eagle™ think of ourselves as a different kind of company, doing our part to make the world a better place. This pursuit is realized through an unwavering commitment to leadership in everything we do.

We don’t just see to the needs of our customers, we also strive endlessly to surpass them. We don’t just produce excellent products, we also work for continuous improvement. We don’t just talk about quality, we also endorse a quality management system, maintain ISO certification in our plants, and ensure our pipe meets or exceeds the most stringent quality standards.

And we do this all with respect for the beauty and fragility of the world and the well-being of its inhabitants, ensuring that our business makes a positive contribution to the environment, the communities we serve, our customers, and our employees.

Our Company

Crafting Sustainable Solution in Plastic Piping

JM Eagle™ The world’s largest eco-conscious plastic pipe manufacturer, known for innovative technology, exceptional customer care, and a diverse range of sustainable products. Our industry-leading pipes offer competitive advantages while minimizing environmental impact. With global reach, we’re dedicated to nurturing existing relationships and building new ones for a greener future.


Eco-Conscious Excellence in Product Variety

At JM Eagle™, we proudly create an extensive range of premium, environmentally friendly plastic pipes that deliver exceptional performance. Our commitment to innovation drives a continuous stream of sustainable solutions, meeting the diverse needs of our customers. As a trusted and cost-effective source for environmentally-responsible plastic pipes, we possess the expertise to meet demands across various industries and applications.


Cutting Edge Innovation

As a leading eco-conscious plastic pipe manufacturer, JM Eagle™ has dedicated substantial resources to research and development. Our approach harmonizes cutting-edge product technology with advanced automation, yielding top-tier sustainable solutions. Our unwavering commitment revolves around producing the finest quality plastic pipes, upholding our promise to maintain enduring product excellence.


Superior Customer Service

At JM Eagle™, our commitment to superior customer service is unwavering. We tailor our responsive and high-quality care to cater to the specific requirements of both larger enterprises and smaller partners. Through continuous enhancements and innovative training initiatives, we are dedicated to adding value to our customer service.


Community Responsibility

Guided by our core values, JM Eagle™ upholds its mission of providing essential plastic pipe solutions that nurture our planet. We take pride in demonstrating the vital role our products play in enhancing and sustaining global well-being. Our commitment to manufacturing sustainable plastic pipe remains resolute as we address the world’s growing requirements.


Our Continuous Goal

We at JM Eagle™ have philanthropic duties that our Founder, Chairman and CEO Walter Wang has pursued, pushed and continue to do so to this day so as to assure we do our part as a whole for the people of this world.

Philanthropic Duties

JM Eagle™ actively engages in philanthropic endeavors that resonate with our core values. Recognizing the significance of access to clean water and sanitation, we extend our reach to underdeveloped regions by donating our essential plastic pipe solutions. Through these contributions, we add to the betterment of communities, ensuring sustainable access to life’s necessities…MORE